Elevate your health with Modern Concepts Medical Group’s comprehensive primary care services. Quality annual exams and preventive care.

Primary Care - Pasadena, CA & Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, CA

Primary Care

Our primary care services prioritize preventive care and wellness promotion. We offer comprehensive medical care for individuals of all ages, addressing acute and chronic health conditions, managing preventive screenings, and promoting overall well-being through personalized care plans.

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Senior Care Specialist - Pasadena, CA & Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, CA

Senior Care

Modern Concepts Medical Group recognizes the unique healthcare needs of seniors and offers specialized senior care services. Our team provides personalized care plans tailored to support healthy aging, addressing age-related health concerns, and prioritizing continuity of care for our senior patients.

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Diabetes Specialist - Pasadena, CA & Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, CA

Diabetes Mellitus

We provide comprehensive care for individuals with diabetes mellitus, focusing on disease management, education, and support. Our team works closely with patients to develop personalized treatment plans, emphasizing lifestyle modifications, medication management, and regular monitoring to improve overall quality of life.

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Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

Our expert team offers management of hypertension, utilizing evidence-based approaches to monitor blood pressure levels, assess cardiovascular risk factors, and implement personalized treatment plans. We emphasize lifestyle modifications, medication management, and ongoing support to help patients achieve and maintain healthy blood pressure levels.

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Medical Weight Loss Programs

Weight Loss Management

We offer comprehensive weight loss management services tailored to each patient's unique needs and goals. Our approach combines personalized dietary guidance, exercise recommendations, behavioral counseling, and, when appropriate, medical interventions such as prescription medications or bariatric surgery to support patients throughout their weight loss journey.

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Spanish Patients Welcome

Mental Health Services

Our mental health services encompass in-house mental therapy and counseling, providing compassionate and confidential support for individuals dealing with various mental health concerns. Our team of licensed therapists offers evidence-based interventions,

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Why Choose MCMG for Your Primary Care Needs?

Discover compassionate family medicine at Modern Concepts Medical Group in Pasadena, Boyle Heights, and Montebello, CA. Our skilled physicians offer individualized care using innovative technology to treat various health conditions.

Experienced Providers

Our primary care providers are highly trained and experienced in delivering quality care across a wide range of healthcare needs.

Personalized Approach

We believe in a patient-centered approach to care, taking the time to understand your unique health concerns and goals.

Convenient Locations

With three locations in Pasadena, East Los Angeles, and Montebello, California, we make it easy for you to access the care you need close to home.

Easy Appointment Scheduling

Whether you prefer to call or book online, we offer convenient appointment options to fit your busy schedule.

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